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Cruising  in Bali & beyond................


Indonesia with 17,000 islands stretching 4.000 miles across the equator where the PAcific and Indian Oceans meet. This is Indonesia - the world's largest archipelago and home to some of the most engaging and vital cultures of the world. Indonesia is also a land of abundant natural beauty and a center of some of the  greatest concentrations of biological diversity in the world. As such, it is an ideal and stil largely undiscovered destination for adventurous and discerning travelers seeking world-class experiences in indigenous arts and culture, natural beauty, and wildlife and marine exploration. 

For hundreds of years the famous Buginese Pinisi sailing ships have carried spices, cloths and other treasures between the exotic islands of Bali, Banda, and Borneo, and throughout the rest of Southeast Asia - even as fas as India and Madagaskar. Our new Phinisi Schooner, the Triple-X  cruise, now makes possible comparable voyages of discovery. 

Recently hand-crafted of rough teak timbers by native craftsmen and traditionally rigged, the Triple-X Cruises combines 20th  century comfort with timeless grace. The boat is manned by a crew whose home is the sea and staffed with an outstanding on-board Indonesian cruise director. Six air-conditioned double cabins and a salon/diving room in place of the traditional cargo hold provide a relaxed and intimate setting for  small group charter  travel. Cruising Indonesia aboard the Triple-X cruise opens a window onto a way of life that has all but disappeared from the modern world.

The Triple-X  cruises provide opportunities to learn and grow through meaningful interaction with many places and people we encounter. Our tours are guided by principles of responsible eco-tourism. We have continuing ties with the island communities we visit. And we respect and seek to preserve Indonesia's natural and cultural heritages.

Individual tours  and incentive travel packages can be flexibly tailored to your specific interests such as snorkeling/diving, ikat/batik, wildlife/biodiversity, and bicycling. Itineraries can also be developed around specific themes or arranged to provide focused creativity such as through writing and photography workshops. Also great for pure relaxation, family, reunions, and romantic rendezvous.